The Designers’ home is tastefully classical. The Foyer welcomes you with a mirror and console that sets the tone for the rest of the house. The expansive living room is furnished to accommodate, without crowding. There is an assortment of furniture, simple and elegant. Half the room is classical, while the other half is more contemporary. But the two blend in perfectly.  A piano and a grandfather’s clock complete the picture. The large glass doors open the space up for larger gatherings, extending the living area into the foyer and dining room beyond. The dining table has an intricately carved wooden table top with a raised glass top, quite unique in design. The crockery unit takes away the corner of the room and adds volume. The study, where design and innovation happens is minimalistic and practical. The verandah, a must-have feature in Mangalorean houses, is unusual, with its rough two tone stone cladding and tiger skin granite flooring. The black granite parapet doubles up as seating that adds to the glass table and rattan black chairs.

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