Mrs. & Mr. Wilfred Souza

The project stands apart at the very conceptual level. The client was very clear of the theme, which stayed firm throughout the spaces of this luxurious art deco home. Inspired by the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, the place spells “Lap of Luxury”. The furniture, the fabric, the wall paper, the choice of colours and the lights all appear to belong to a past era. The foyer is the start of the entire journey. The library, with its luxurious chair and velvet curtains make a quaint little corner very inviting. The living room of silver and black, with spots of bright red highlights is in sync with the theme. The Dining room is separated with a visual barrier of smoked grey glass. The L-shaped shelf accommodates the mugs collected from the various places the client travelled. The bedrooms, especially the one with the super star Audrey Hepburn as a focus, talks of show biz. The walk in wardrobe perfectly fits the concept. The theme is complete from conception to execution.

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